Best Mattress for Newly Married Couples - 2022

Best Mattresses For Newly Married Couples in 2023

A married couple about to start a home together must invest in the right kind of mattress, because believe it or not, a lot depends on it. For instance, a good night’s sleep could make all the difference on the next morning. On the other hand, a poor sleep pattern could make couples irritable and agitated. The biggest challenge to couples is maintaining a healthy and positive home environment as they settle into a daily routine. Naturally, one would want themselves and their partners to wake well-rested and come home to a comfortable bed.

There’s no one-solution-fits-all when it comes to mattresses because each couple is different both physically and mentally, and will have different needs.

Here are some tips to keep in mind before making a purchase:

Tips while looking for a mattress

 1. Trying out different options

Don’t shy away from trying away! If you happen to visit a retail store, dress comfortable and wear shoes that can be easily pulled off so that you can comfortably try out different mattresses. After all, you’ll be stuck with it for a long time! If purchasing online, opt for mattresses from an online store that offers mattress trials. Trying a mattress for a few days will give you a better feel of the mattress and the sleep experience.

2. Look into the store policy

Although one can never be too careful while buying a mattress, make sure you’re up to date on the store policy. If it’s a retailer, enquire if you can return the mattress and, if so, under what conditions. After all, you might change your mind after a week’s use, or your needs might change. Also enquire about any warranties, trials, delivery options, or special discounts.

3. Do your research online

It is best to do some research online before visiting a physical store. We suggest online mattress purchasing as they already cover the information you'll require to make the right purchase, and you can browse options in your own time. Online purchases are also ideal for soon-to-be couples where the partners are living in different states, because options online are easier to research and many online retailers provide options for trial and return.

4.Look out for potential options

Often, physical stores can be limiting – unless you get to try out a full night’s sleep on a mattress, it’s hard to know for sure if it’s for you. To circumvent this problem, be observant of what feels comfortable and what doesn’t. If you’ve stayed over at a friend’s house or at a hotel, where you felt the mattress suited your needs, be sure to ask the friend or the hotel staff about it.

5. Choose feeling over specs

The greatest of specifications may not guarantee a comfortable feel for everyone, because no two pairs of people are the same. What might suit someone, might not suit you. While it’s important to also give the specs a good once-over, focus more on the way the mattress feels than what the specifications are.

6. Choosing quality over price

Remember that buying a mattress is like buying a car—you’ll have it with you for a really long time, but if you buy a cheap one, it will break down and it’ll cost you a whole lot more to replace. Of course, couples might have their own budget, but while setting this budget, make sure you take into account that good quality mattresses that last long can cost, and making that investment will go a long way. Good quality mattresses come with 7-10 years of warranty, which is great value for the money spent.

7.Plan to accommodate

Couples have to keep in mind that while prospects of a pregnancy may seem far away, if it’s in the books, buying a mattress with that in mind would be a huge time-saver and money-saver later on. Newlyweds could look into what mattresses suit pregnant women best and are most suitable to a baby’s development.

What makes a perfect mattress?

So—what makes a mattress perfect for you? Read on to understand what features you need to look out for while purchasing a mattress.

The following criteria merit a different kind of mattress depending on the couple’s priorities:

  1. Size: Choosing the right size of mattress goes a long way. Keep in mind that many people don’t just lie down on a mattress, they also sprawl when they sleep, and move about on it. Opting for a mattress that can accommodate a person even when they’re sprawling could ensure long-term comfort. The right size of mattress can also help maintain intimacy between feisty young newlyweds.
  2. Temperature: If you or your partner get overheated quickly, it’s best to invest in a mattress that has excellent airflow. Mattress material like latex have cooling properties and hence they can keep you comfortable at night.
  3. Firmness: Ensuring the right kind of back support for yourself and your partner would ensure a good night’s sleep and maintain a good home environment. For example, those working corporate jobs and sitting in a chair all day might want a firm mattress that gives them lots of back support to keep their posture in check. In general a medium-firm mattress is recommended for most sleep positions and body types.
  4. Motion isolation: A light-sleeper who frequently tosses or turns at night might wake their partner. Couples should take this into account while opting for mattresses. Good motion isolation could ensure that the other partner also gets comfortable sleep. Those with early morning routines who don’t want to wake their partners could also invest in natural latex mattresses that prevent motion transfer.
  5. Budget-friendliness: Don’t let a mattress be the cause of financial troubles—after all, couples on a budget need not compromise on comfort. There are numerous budget mattresses available online. These mattresses have quality material and good warranty, so it is a win-win for all. Those looking for economical options should opt for a medium-firm hybrid foam mattress with adaptive qualities.
  6. Sustainability: Those looking for luxury mattresses with minimum ecological impact could go for natural latex mattresses which are ergonomically designed and are carefully created to provide all the features of high-end foam mattresses and more. MM Foam also has economical options in 100% natural latex mattresses and latex hybrid mattresses for those wanting to try out sustainable mattresses.
  7. Weight & body type: Couples with partners that weigh heavier or have special needs such as extra spine support need to ensure that the mattress that they opt for provides them sufficient support. Opting for a mattress with these features in mind could be a deep symbol of love and thoughtfulness towards your partner.

 Recommended MM Foam Mattresses

  1.  MM Foam’s Eco Rest 100% natural latex mattress: This luxury mattress is a fresh and cooling mattress for when things get hot and heavy in the bedroom. These mattresses are also great for hygiene maintenance, and provide medium-soft cushioning for movement.
  2. MM Foam’s Arise foam mattress: This mattress is one which easily conforms to the shape of your body while providing back support. After all, you could upgrade to a customized one later down the line.
  3. MM Foam’s Bloom Mattress: This mattress is made up of 100% natural latex and provides medium-firm cushioning which might make a wonderful gift for your partner—find out for yourself with a 100-night trial!
  4. MM Foam’s Spineline: This is an orthopedic mattress made of 100% natural latex which provides excellent spine support and is also ecologically designed. Foam options in orthopaedic mattresses include the Orthobond Orthopedic Mattress, which is budget-friendly yet the epitome of comfort.