Eco Friendly Latex Mattress

Introducing Fusion Mattress – Eco Friendly Latex Mattress

Multiple Layers of Comfort

A mattress that provides gentle support to the body while being healthy, sustainable and comfortable.

Introducing MM Foam fusion mattress: a unique mattress which consists of three layers - 100% Natural Latex Foam Rubber on the top, a CertiPUR-US certified PU Foam Transition Layer and a 100 Density Rubberized Coir Support Layer. Together, it provides gentle support to your body and enhances blood circulation, providing healthy and rejuvenating sleep.

Product features 

  • Eco Friendly
  • Hygroscopic
  • Highly durable
  • Dirt, dust and moth resistant
  • Absorbs movement and noise
  • Conforms to body contours


100% Natural Latex

CertiPUR - US Certified PU Foam

Cotton Felt

100 Density Rubberized Coir

The Goodness of latex at affordable prices!

It’s what’s on the inside that counts. Here’s a look at what makes MM Foam Fusion mattress so special!

  • Natural Latex Foam comfort layer – superior spine support.
  • The CertiPUR Certified PU Foam transition layer – No ozone depleters and other harmful materials.
  • Rubberized Coir Support Layer – Natural and durable layer.

With fusion mattress, we bring you the MM Foam guarantee of quality while offering multi-level comfort to your sleep. Apart from the superior spine support the mattress also enhances blood circulation and absorbs movements and noise.

Everything you need for a perfect night’s sleep is now in one mattress.

  • Eco Friendly: Fusion mattress is made from certified organic and safe materials that are completely safe for the environment.
  • Hygroscopic: Pincore technology promoted excellent airflow.
  • Highly durable: Natural materials and the latex layer make this mattress highly durable.
  • Dirt, dust and moth resistant: Naturally hypoallergenic latex offers great protection against dirt, dust and moth. 
  • Absorbs movement and noise: Supportive coir base layer and the latex layer on top actively absorbs the movement and noise.
  • Conforms to body contours: Transition foam layer and the top latex layer conforms to body contours easily and offers ease of movement.

Optimum Comfort for Every Sleeper

MM Foam fusion mattress has multiple layers which offer the perfect ratio of softness, firmness, and support most people want. It's a subtle balance that ensures a good night’s sleep.


CertiPUR Certified PU Foam with 100% Natural latex


  1. What is Fusion mattress?

Fusion is a combination of three layers, 100% Natural Latex Foam layer on top, a CertiPUR-US certified PU Foam Transition Layer and a 100 Density Rubberized Coir Support Layer. It is the latest offering in latex hybrid mattress category from MM Foam. It promises ultimate comfort and a luxurious sleep experience.

2. Is the mattress soft or firm?

MM Foam’s fusion mattress has a medium firmness level which suits all kinds of sleepers and provides the perfect balance of comfort and support.

3. Will I get hot?

No, the Fusion mattress has a comfort layer which is made of Natural Latex Foam Rubber and the support layer consists of a rubberized coir which permits excellent airflow and offers easy ventilation. This mattress doesn't retain heat and keeps you cool even in hot weather.

4. Is this mattress durable?

Yes, this mattress is highly durable and last longer due to its high-quality construction materials. Additionally, we offer a 7-year warranty period for the mattress.

5 Does this mattress offer effective motion isolation?

Yes, the top natural latex layer and base coir layer absorb the movement effectively and allow you to rest better at night. 

Materials + care


Top Layer

  • 100% Natural latex
  • Non-toxic, eco-friendly material

Transition Layer

  • A CertiPUR-US certified PU Foam layer
  • Free from ozone depletes and other harmful material

 Supportive base layer

  • 100 Density Rubberized Coir

Basic Care

Spot clean with mild detergent (Eg: upholstery cleaner).

Warranty & Support

Product Warranty: 7-year warranty 

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