Natural Latex Mattress

All you need to know about sleeping on Latex Mattresses

Natural latex mattress is not just a luxury product but has immense benefits for a variety of sleepers. Know all about its process, benefits pricing and more.

With more cognizance about sustainability seeping into the minds of the already health-conscious consumers today, a mattress is not relegated to being just a bedroom essential. Choosing a luxury mattress transcends requirements that go beyond compactness and their aesthetic appeal. Because if your mattress does not give you the good quality sleep you deserve, what good is it, anyway? Well, there are rather a plethora of reasons behind why natural latex mattresses occupy a special preference among sleepers who take their sleep quality, health and the environment very seriously.

 Before you head toward deciding which luxury mattress is worth your investment, let's quickly understand all that goes into the making of natural latex mattresses.

How are Latex Mattresses made?

An all-natural latex mattress is manufactured from the sap of the rubber tree and this process has been around for almost a 100 years.

The Dunlop Method

Here, the sap is extracted from the rubber trees and then converted into a generous, thick foam. When the desired consistency is achieved, the foam is poured into a mold and then baked. The baking procedure causes the sediment to sink to the bottom of the mattress which creates the incredibly firm foundation these literally 'back-saving' mattresses are known for. MM Foam creates its latex mattresses using the Dunlop method.

Latex Mattresses: How they benefit your Health


Natural latex foam has an open-cell structure that allows a consistent airflow throughout its usage. These layers of foam are also fabricated with pin holes, which further enhance the breathability factor.

MM Foam natural latex mattresses are made of pincode technology that provides extra breathability. Know more about natural latex mattress


100 % natural latex, botanically procured from rubber trees, is intrinsically hypoallergenic since it is not derived from petrochemicals. It does not contain synthetic additives which are notorious for their risks of allergies. The allergy-causing proteins are flushed during the process of producing the final mattress material.

Zero Off-Gassing

Since natural latex mattress has absolutely no harmful chemicals involved, there is ZERO off-gassing of toxic fumes. 

Dust-, Bug- & Germ-resistant

Latex beds do not facilitate the growth of fungus, bacteria or other microbes owing to the chemical structure they possess. Neither can dust mites survive inside the natural latex foam.

Optimal Spinal Alignment

Latex foam is equipped to contour your body’s curvature. And with the right degree of firmness, latex mattresses are designed to provide the perfect combination of support to the back resulting in comfortable sleep.

 In addition, since latex is decently spongy and bouncy unlike the squishy material behind memory foam mattresses, it adjusts its shape with changing sleeping positions. So, if you suffer from joint pain or injuries, the tension over these areas is just negligible. This property is instrumental in relieving stress. No wonder these natural latex mattresses are highly recommended to orthopedic patients and aged sleepers.

 Moreover, with latex bedding there is no sagging or uneven indentation with years of constant pressure and weight along the sides, a problem pretty common with other mattress types.

Ideal for Heavier Sleepers

Beddings that give the benefit of buoyancy are a big boon if you weigh slightly more than the average. Latex foam cushions your heavy body parts well, like the back of your hips, glutes and belly, especially if you are a side sleeper. All this without compromising on your back alignment or sleeping posture!

Heat Control

Natural latex mattresses ventilate way better than regular Poly/memory foam mattresses. As a result, you wake up peacefully without any complaints of unnecessary heat. This ia especially helpful if you are someone living in a warmer or tropical climate.

Motion Isolation

Imagine being bothered when your sleep partner turns around in bed or moves out of bed. Motion-related complaints are commonly associated with traditional coil/spring mattresses. Natural latex mattresses, nevertheless, guarantee motion isolation, so you can sleep like an infant regardless of your co-sleeper's movements in bed.

Neither do you have to sleep under a tough vigil to ensure that your partner’s sleep is not rattled.


Latex mattresses are rightly known for their durability. A good-quality latex mattress lasts for at least 15 to 17 years on an average, which is way longer than any other mattress type. The reason is simple. Natural rubber is resilient and germ-resistant and is hence linked to a long lifespan. A natural latex mattress smoothly bounces back upon releasing pressure, and maintains its original shape after years of extensive use, even if you have naughty kids around! A mattress that not just feels luxurious but is cost effective in the long run is a great bet isn't it?

Natural Latex Mattresses & Sustainability

If you are here to know more about buying a latex mattress for your bedroom, you sure are equally concerned about the well-being of the planet too.

Now, because trees from which the sap for latex is harvested are not chopped down, there is absolutely no devastating threat of deforestation. In fact, the tree continues to yield the precious sap for a good 25 to 30 years. More so, as natural latex is biodegradable, it won't end up as another item in landfills.

Rubber trees are wonderful producers of oxygen. As few as 10 acres of rubber trees can eliminate close to 140 tons of carbon dioxide from the air in just 1 year! A rubber tree can stay tall and useful for a century and provide the same environmental gains.

Natural Latex Mattress: Worth your Investment?

When you go for a natural latex foam mattress, you obviously look at the longevity and durability quotient. A 100% natural latex mattress usually costs you anything between 40,000 INR to 1,50,000 INR (again, based on the size).

 If it is anything below this, you know for sure that it isn't all natural latex; instead, maybe, a hybrid, blended or 100% synthetic.

Best luxury mattresses are normally defined by their feel, however, in comparison to other types of mattresses natural latex offers all round benefits.

Work that out with a conventional innerspring mattress that you may need to replace every 6-8 years, on average and natural latex mattress ends up being an economical bet.

Your health savings outshine the money you shell out for an all-natural, latex full-bodied latex mattress.