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  • Pincore Technology

    Pincore Technology

    Increases air circulation and keeps the product cool.

  • Innercore Technology

    Innercore Technology

    Adds a more bouncy feeling to the product.

  • Nanocore Technology

    Nanocore Technology

    Makes the product lightweight and smooth to touch.

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60 Years Of Legacy

60 years ago, when mattresses were primarily made of cotton, MM Foam revolutionised the art of sleeping, with latex mattresses.

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Hear What Our Customers Say

Dr Mohamed Koya  Malappuram

I have been using Pincore mattresses from MM FOAM, 8 and 6 inches since few months. It has been a pleasure and I am extremely happy using this mattresses. It is very comfortable to sleep in and very cool too. It is very sturdy too and especially very useful for people with back pain as well.  An excellent product which is natural and worth the money.

Prashanth Hyderabad

Awesome product!!! I have been using these mm foam mattresses for 12 years now and I would only recommend mm foam mattresses that too dual harmony is best,, I have back pain and this mattress is just what i needed... Sales executive was also cordial and cooperative. Packing was awesome.. fully satisfied 👍

Pranay Awasthi Delhi

I have been using MM Foam's Pincore Mattress from last 10 years. its good to have natural Latex mattress which is 100% natural rubber. This mattress is worth the price. It has amazing cushioning and comfort when compared to ay foam product.

Anu Chandra Amazon Customer

Long lasting, comfortable & thick latex pillow. My father had been using this pillow for over 30 years but since it was a bit broken, he wanted to buy the same one again for last few months. Fortunately, we found it on amazon. He is super happy & sleeping comfortably again.

Amazon Customer

With work from home, I found myself sitting for much longer periods of time than I normally would in office. The result was pressure on the tailbone and extreme discomfort. I purchased the MM Foam Coccyx cushion about 4 months back and the relief was immediate. Have not had an issue since then. Besides doing the job of relieving tailbone pressure, the cushion is very comfortable to sit on. The cushion maintains it's form, shape and will definitely have a longer life. An excellent product & given the quality of materials used, value for money as well.

Shaker Govindasamy Coimbatore

I have undergone many ailments starting from Acute Lumbar Pain to serious sports and vehicle accidents for about 16 years living in Middle East with family. We have been on the lookout for a Comfortable Mattress – and came across very high-end (claimed to be- Orthopaedic to Spring Mattress!! – ALL DISSATISFIED. Our look out was only Hard Bed  for a good relaxed and Happy Sleep!!. Initially placed order for only 1 Single Bed -100% Natural Latex – Dual Harmony Mattress – Its Cool as cotton 100% Nature. I am proud having INVESTED A LAKH + Rupees ( Its an Asset for me)