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Our legacy of over 60 years was built on quality organic natural latex products and superior comfort. MM Foam is one of the leading brands in natural latex products in India.

100% Organic Natural Latex Mattresses

Why Choose 100% Organic Natural Latex Mattress?

100% Organic Natural Latex Mattress is a gift of nature to mankind. The mattress is natural and a sustainable option for the responsible citizens of today. Apart from the sustainability aspect, the 100% organic natural latex mattresses offer immense health benefits and improve the quality of the sleep as well.

To know more about the benefits of sleeping on a 100% organic natural latex mattress, head over to our blog post – All you need to know about sleeping on latex mattress.

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Why MM Foam Natural Latex Mattress

Farm to Factory-

We own the complete process and hence are sure about the quality of the end product. The sap is sourced from our farms and then processed with meticulous precision at our factories. Our products undergo multiple tests at every stage of production to create mattresses that spell luxury. Our mattresses are mostly recommended by parents to their children. We are proud of this trust; a parent only recommends the best to their children.

Natural Cooling –

Natural material with perforations allows easy flow of air. This keeps the mattress naturally cool and breathable.

Comfort & Firm support –

Latex, derived from rubber sap provides a slight bounce while offering complete comfort.

Dust-Resistance & Anti-Fungal –

Because of its natural properties the natural latex mattress is dust resistance, anti-fungal and mite free.

Durability –

Natural latex lasts long with 5-17 years of warranty. Our mattresses are recommended from one generation to the other.

Hypoallergenic –

Perfect for those with allergies, pregnant women and children.

Pin Core Technology for good support –

It provides good spine support and is highly recommended for those with back pain and ortho issues.

Technologies for Natural Latex products at MM Foam

Pin Core Technology

Innercore Technology

Nanocore Technology

A note from team MM Foam

There are a lot of latex mattress brands in India today, however as a new buyer you might want to check the fine print before making the investment. Latex can be natural as well as synthetic, but to get the maximum benefits it is important to know that you are buying a natural latex product. With technology, latex mattresses can be of medium or hard compression to offer luxury mattresses that suit individual requirements.

There is another variety called Hybrid latex mattress, which has a top layer of natural latex and the lower layer could be PU Foam or Memory Foam. While buying a mattress, it is important to know the material, natural latex in inches and the cost. All naturally sourced products are priced high as the product creation and raw material sourcing takes time and effort.

One MM Foam natural latex mattress = Sap from 2500 rubber trees.

Today, MM Foam is a market leader in creating natural latex mattresses. Apart from mattress, you can choose from our offerings of pillows and cushions as well.