Donut Cushions for Hemorrhoids

Best Donut Pillows in India for Hemorrhoids | Donut Cushions

Hemorrhoids or piles is a common problem that affects a large number of people all across the world. Hemorrhoids cause pain and swelling in the anorectal region and may cause rectal bleeding in serious cases. Hemorrhoids symptoms are distressing and may affect your quality of life negatively. If you or your dear ones are suffering from pain and soreness due to hemorrhoids, then a donut pillow can come to the rescue.

Haemorrhoid cushion  or Donut pillow as it is popularly known can help in getting some relief from your pain symptoms. Although there is a lack of scientific evidence regarding the effectiveness of donut pillows for relieving hemorrhoids symptoms you can try a donut pillow to manage hemorrhoids pain and discomfort. 

Donut pillows are inexpensive and easily available. They help in preventing pressure build-up at the spine base and provide good support to your lower body. Using a donut pillow can be a useful tool in the management of your piles symptoms. 

What is a donut pillow?

As the name suggests, donut pillow is a round shape pillow with a hole in the center. Donut pillows are also called ring pillows. They can be made of different materials like memory foam, gel and natural latex material.

Donut pillows are usually portable. You can use donut pillow for treating various disease conditions that cause tailbone pain. Common health conditions where donut pillow is recommended are:

  • Haemorrhoid (piles),
  • Ulcers
  • Prostatitis related recovery or
  • Pregnancy and
  • Back pain

They are also useful as a post-operative measure for relieving tailbone pain. These pillows help in maintaining a proper posture and relieve pressure from the tailbone while sitting. 

It is important to use a good quality donut pillow as per your size, and intensity of symptoms to get significant relief in hemorrhoid pain.

How to use a donut pillow?

Before using a donut pillow, you should read the instruction manual from the manufacturing company properly. Some of the donut pillows are inflatable. You need to inflate the donut pillow before you start using them. Inflate the donut pillow as per your size and body requirement. You can adjust the size of the inflatable donut pillow by increasing or reducing air.

You should place the donut pillow on flat surfaces and sit upright. Make sure your pillow touches the line where the chair’s seat and the backrest meet. While sitting, you should lean slightly forward and check that your buttocks are resting equally on both sides of the pillow. This positioning helps in relieving pressure from the tailbone and offers relief from pain and discomfort.  

How to select a good quality donut pillow?

Nowadays, a variety of donut pillows are available in the market. You can also order them online from the comfort of your home. Here are some pointers that you should keep in mind while buying a donut pillow online. 


Donut pillows can be made of various types of materials like memory foam, natural latex or gel. Each material has its unique qualities.

Memory Foam Donut Pillow – It contour well to your body part and offer a soft and comfortable feeling. 

Natural Latex Donut Pillow – If you are looking for a natural or eco-friendly donut pillow option, then you can select a natural latex donut pillow. It is medium firm and has natural cooling properties. It is hypoallergenic and naturally breathable.

Gel donut pillow - It often comes with a cooling gel layer, which helps in keeping you cool and comfortable.


Donut pillows come in various sizes. You should select a donut pillow as per your size to get desired relief. Standard size for donut pillows is 490 x 330 x 75 mm or LxWxH (Inches) : 19.2 x 12.9 x 2.9 in inches.


Donut pillows are available in various densities. You should avoid using a too soft or too firm donut pillow. A hard or rigid donut pillow may worsen your existing pain symptoms, while a too soft donut pillow may get flattened easily and not offer the needed support.  A medium firm donut pillow is perfect in most situations.

Ease of carrying:

It is important to use the donut pillow regularly for a long period to get desired relief from hemorrhoid symptoms. It is advisable to use a donut pillow at various places like the office, work and while travelling to get maximum relief. You can buy a portable pillow that helps in easy carrying.  Some companies even provide a carry-on bag to safely pack and transport the pillow.


Though donut pillow is relatively inexpensive and easily available, you should select a high-quality donut pillow which might be a little expensive as compared to other options.  This is important because a poor quality pillow will sag and not be durable, resulting in poor relief.

Special features:

Many donut pillows have unique add-on features like removable covers or the use of cooling gel. These special features help in adding extra comfort and can be a more suitable option for reducing hemorrhoids pain and discomfort.

Which are the best brands of donut pillow for hemorrhoid that are available in India?

Here are some trustworthy brands for buying donut pillow for hemorrhoid in India.

MM Foam Donut Pillow

MM Foam Donut Pillow is made of 100% natural latex material. The pillow is scientifically designed to provide maximum relief from pain and relieves pressure from the tailbone. As the material is 100% natural latex it is highly resilient, anti-sagging and hygienic. It has naturally cooling properties and is eco-friendly. Latex is naturally hypoallergenic and dust and mite resistant. It comes with a carry on bag and is easy to carry to work or even use in the car. The pillow comes from the house of MM Rubber Company Ltd that is a pioneer in latex mattresses in India with a formidable experience of over 60 years in this space.

Springwell donut pillow: Springwell donut pillow is made of latex material. This donut pillow is portable and small in size and ideal for use in the home, car and office. 

Ergonomic innovations donut pillow: It is ergonomically designed and has a larger size than other brands. This pillow is unisex and provides efficient support and offers great durability. 

Fovera donut seat pillow: The pillow is made up of premium quality memory foam material and does not flatten out even after prolonged use. Fover pillow has an anti-skid bottom and comes with a removable and washable cover. 

Salo orthotics donut pillow: Salo orthotics orthopedic donut pillow is available in two models: one with a visible hole and one with a covered hole. The pillow has a small U-shaped cut design which helps in avoid direct pressure in the anal and coccyx area. 

Kieba donut pillow: Kieba donut pillow is made of dense premium comfort foam and helps in relieving pain from hemorrhoids. The pillow provides good stability and does not slip or slide on any surface. This pillow helps in promoting good posture and assists in healthy weight distribution for long hours of sitting.

So, these are some trustworthy brands for buying a good quality donut pillow, you can select anyone as per your personal preference and body requirement.  We hope our guide is helpful for you to make the right choice when it comes to donut or hemorrhoid pillow. This can even be a thoughtful gift for someone who has a sedentary lifestyle and has to sit for long hours. Continue to follow our blog to know all about healthy sleep solutions.