Best Mattress for Teens and young working professionals

Mattress essentials to remember when shopping for Teens or young working professionals

Teenage is one of the most challenging phases of life. Teens go through various physical, mental, and emotional changes during this phase. They face many challenges and encounter many stresses (academic, extra-curricular, social etc.) in their day-to-day life. Teens must follow a healthy lifestyle routine, which includes eating a healthy diet, regular exercise and getting a good night’s sleep.

Sound sleep is one of the most vital aspects of a teenager’s overall health and well-being. As per CDC (Center for disease control and prevention), teens need at least 8-10 hours of sleep every night. There are many factors (like sleep schedule and level of physical activity) which affect their sleep experience.

Along with other lifestyle factors, a good quality mattress is one of the major factors which can improve their sleep quality and can help them sleep better.  

Buying a good quality mattress for a teen can be extra challenging, as they might not want to spend their time in the exhaustive mattress shopping process. The same thing applies to young working professionals. They often have a hectic schedule and do not have enough time and proper guidelines for buying a quality mattress for themselves. 

If you are a young working professional or a parent of a teenager and looking for a buying a good quality mattress, then this guide assists you in your mattress shopping process and helps you in taking wise buying decisions.

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Mattress essentials for teens and young working professionals 

Here is a list of some important mattress essentials for teens and young working professionals. 


In general, A twin-size mattress is recommended for teens. However, the size of the mattress also depends upon the room size and body weight and height of your teens. You can select a single mattress size for single, taller and heavier teens. Also, a full or queen-size mattress can be purchased if your teen wants an extra sleeping surface for comfort. 

Sleeping position

Sleeping position is the next important pointer to consider while buying a good mattress for teens and young working professionals. For side sleepers, you can buy a soft or a medium firm mattress. For back sleepers, a medium firm to firm mattress works best. While for stomach sleepers, a firm mattress is the most suitable option. 

Body weight

Body weight is the next major factor to keep in mind while buying a mattress for teens and young adults. For the lightweight individual, you can select a soft mattress or a medium firm mattress, while for heavy individuals, a firm and thicker mattress work best. 

Quality material

You should buy a mattress which is made of high-quality construction material. Otherwise, mattresses made of poor-quality construction material may cause premature sagging. 

Type of mattress

Nowadays, various types of mattresses are available in the market (like innerspring mattresses, memory foam mattresses etc.). each one has its pros and cons. Teens and young working professionals can select as per their unique sleeping needs and individual preferences. 


Your budget and affordability are other important things to consider while buying a mattress for teens and young adults. Teens usually move out of their parent’s house at the age of 18. Young professionals also have a high possibility of changing jobs and locations. Considering this factor, it is not a good idea to buy an expensive mattress for them. You can go for an affordable mattress option that suits your budget. However, make sure to not compromise on material quality while focusing on the budget. 

Pressure relief

Teens and young adults often take part in various athletic and sports activities, which may cause muscle soreness and frequent body ache. It is important for teens and young adults to buy a mattress which offers good pressure relief. A quality mattress with pressure relief helps in dealing with pain and aches and offers a comfortable sleep experience. 


For teens and young working professionals, it is recommended to buy a lightweight mattress, which is easy to move. A heavier (or bulkier) mattress may cause extra stress while changing locations. 

Lifestyle factors

Teens and young working professionals often have an active lifestyle which involves parties and frequent going out. They have less time for exhaustive household chores like mattress cleaning and drying. For teens and young adults, it is ideal to buy a mattress which does not require any exclusive care or maintenance. 

Sleep trials 

You can also look for a sleep trial option while buying a mattress for teens and young adults. Sleep trials and a free return policy provide a good opportunity to try out the mattress before making your actual purchase.

Best mattress option for teens and young working professionals

Here is a list of some best mattress options for teens and young adults. 

Orthobond Orthopedic mattress: Orthobond orthopedic mattress is a great mattress for teens and young adults. The mattress is made of the rebonded foam layer and comprises a premium quality, reversible fabric quilt. Orthobond orthopedic mattress offer enhanced back support and improves your sleep quality. Additionally, the brand offers a 5-year warranty period for customer satisfaction. 

Arise mattress: Arise mattress is made up of multiple layers. The top layer is made of soft PU foam which snugs your body and provides wonderful comfort, while the bottom layer is made of rebonded foam, which provides medium firm support to your back and offers a comfortable sleeping experience.

Fusion Orthopedic mattress: Fusion mattress by MM foam is another great mattress for teens and young adults. As the name suggests, the mattress has multiple layers. The top layer is made up of 100% natural latex foam rubber. The transition layer is made of CertiPUR-US certified PU foam. Mattress also has a 100-density rubberized coir support layer. This mattress is an eco-friendly mattress. It enhances blood circulation and provides a restful sleeping experience. 

Mattress accessories for teens and young working professionals 

Along with a good quality mattress, you can also purchase mattress accessories (like a pillow, mattress protectors, etc.) for your teenager. A good quality pillow helps in maintaining a neutral spinal alignment and prevents back and neck pain. Make sure to select a pillow which is made of high-quality material and suits your teen’s sleeping position. 

Furthermore, you can also buy a mattress protector for protecting your teen’s mattress. A good quality mattress protector acts as a barrier and provides excellent protection against spills, stains and other accidents.