Best Orthopedic Mattress for Back Pain

Best Orthopedic Mattress for Back Pain- Spine Line by MM Foam

Our current lifestyle, sedentary working conditions and high levels of stress, all impact our physical health in more ways than one. It is also a major reason for poor spine health. If you regularly complain about backache, then it is time to get your spine health checked.

Benefits of Spineline Mattress


Why is Spine Health important?

Spine is a stack of 33 vertebrae that are cylindrical in shape and are cushioned by cartilage and tissues. The gently curved S shaped organ balances the neck, chest, lower back and pelvis. It provides structure to the whole body and protects the spinal cord.

This important part of our body undergoes regular wear and tear as we age. However, just like any other body part, it can be protected and cared for to maintain the health of the spine.

A few tips to maintain spine health are

  1. Stretch and Strengthen the back – Regular stretching and undertaking exercises to strengthen the back can help in maintaining spine health.
  2. Practice Yoga – Yoga is something that a person of any age can practice. Do yoga regularly to improve or strengthen the spine health.
  3. Maintain the body weight – Excessive weight puts undue pressure on your spine. It might impair your ability to undertake physical activities, hence it is important to maintain a healthy weight.
  4. Lift heavy objects with care – The act of lifting heavy objects puts pressure on your back. Instead of bending forward to pick objects, remember to keep your spine straight, bend from your knees and use the power of your legs to lift the object.
  5. Reduce or eliminate inflammatory food - Food like processed food, sugary foods or inflammation causing dairy and meat should be avoided. Eat healthy to maintain health and weight.
  6. Do not smoke – Cigarette has nicotine, which is a vasoconstrictor. It tightens the blood vessels, reducing blood flow and limiting oxygen and nutrients to the spine. It might accelerate the degeneration of spine, hence it is important to quit smoking.
  7. Sleep on a spine supporting mattress – If you are already suffering from back pain, then a firm mattress that offers excellent support to your back can help in alleviating the pain.

Spine Health – A mattress that offers comprehensive care for your Spine

Spine Line mattress by MM Foam is a 100% natural latex mattress that is designed to support the spine alignment and relieve stress as you sleep. The mattress is available in 6 and 8 inch thickness and comes with a comprehensive warranty of 10 years.

Spine Line mattress is a firm mattress that offers relief from pain by acting on the pressure points and keeping the spine aligned. Its high resilience property provides the support required by the body, ensuring that you don’t sink into the mattress. Spine Line is created with inner core technology. In this, the air trapped in the individual inner core acts like a spring, offering a gentle bounce effect and makes the mattress resilient.

The fabric used is an eco-friendly product- REFIBRA, an ecological fabric, is made of upcycled cotton scraps from pre & post-consumer cotton waste and Lenzing Lyocell fibers extracted from wood pulp. This fabric is naturally soft and gentle on the skin.

Get relief from back pain and enjoy restful sleep with Spine Line a spine support mattress by MM Foam. Visit our product page to Buy Spine Care Mattress Online here today.