Coccyx Cushion for Tail Bone Pain Relief

Have you tried Coccyx cushion for tail bone pain relief?

In this series of health and health accessories, we will be looking at the measures to relieve pain in the tail bone area. This is a common problem and many suffer silently, till it becomes unbearable. The scientific name for this is coccyx pain or coccydynia.

Let us know all about it

What is coccyx?

The coccyx is a triangular bone made up of 3-5 fused vertebrae (bone segment). It is situated at the lower end of the spine and provides weight-bearing support in a sitting position. 

Coccyx pain or coccydynia is a common condition that is defined by pain, discomfort and tenderness in the coccyx area. Various reasons like trauma or injury to the coccyx, degenerative diseases, or prolonged sitting on a hard surface area can cause coccyx pain. It is more common among women and elderly people. Being obese also increases the risk of developing coccyx pain. 

The diagnosis and treatment of coccyx pain depends on the underlying cause and disease conditions. In many cases, coccyx pain gets better on its own within a few weeks and does not require any specific treatment. Using a coccyx cushion is a great way to manage coccyx pain. Coccyx cushion pushes your pelvis area a little forward and offers great help in reducing pain and discomfort. 

Here are more details about the coccyx cushion, its benefits and how to use it?

What is a coccyx cushion?

Coccyx cushion is a specially designed cushion that helps in reducing pressure in the spine and tailbone area while sitting. Coccyx cushion is usually V or U shaped and has an ergonomical cut at the rear end. This cushion provides a gap at the lower end where the tail bone can sit. Coccyx cushions help in elevating your hips and lower back area and support your spine. They also help in even distribution of your body weight and improve your posture. 

How to use a coccyx cushion?

Although a coccyx cushion is helpful for those who have coccyx pain however, it is equally important to use it properly to get the desired benefits.

While using a coccyx cushion, keep your posture upright and use a coccyx cushion with a chair that has back support. A chair with good back support provides proper support to your spine and works great in reducing pressure on the spine and lower back. 

You should not use a coccyx cushion with other cushions. Using extra cushions with coccyx cushion unevenly distributes the lower body weight and may cause more harm than benefits. If you want to increase the height, you can also use a thicker coccyx cushion. Additionally, you can also use a footrest while using a coccyx cushion to enhance your comfort level. 

 It is also important to use a coccyx cushion consistently for a prolonged time to see the results. You may need to use a coccyx cushion in all important places, including at home, work and even while travelling. Usually, one coccyx cushion does not work well at all places and you may need to purchase more than one coccyx cushion for work, travel and other purposes. 

Try to buy a coccyx cushion with a removable (and washable) cushion cover. You should wash your coccyx cushion cover regularly. This thing keeps your cushion clean and helps in maintaining a good level of hygiene.

Benefits of using a coccyx cushion

Here are some amazing benefits of using a coccyx cushion:

  • Coccyx cushion help in reducing coccyx pain and discomfort. They provide extra cushioning and place your tailbone in a more comfortable position.
  • They are also useful for post back surgery and after childbirth. They help in speedy recovery by reducing inflammation.
  • Coccyx cushion helps in maintaining and improving posture. They uplift your hip and lower back area and keep your spine in a neutral position. 
  • They are extremely useful when you have to sit for a prolonged-time period. You can use them at home, at the workplace and while travelling too.
  • Most of the coccyx cushions are lightweight and portable. You can carry them to various places where you go and can get the needed support.
  • Coccyx cushion also provides gentle support to your back and minimizes the pressure and discomfort in the lower back caused by various orthopedic disease conditions.
  • Coccyx cushions play a vital role in preventing injuries and spinal disease conditions. They provide good support to your tailbone and keep your spine in a healthy condition.

Various materials for coccyx cushion

Coccyx cushion comes in various shapes and can be made up of various materials like memory foam, natural latex etc. Memory foam coccyx cushion contours to body shape easily and provide good pressure relief, while natural latex coccyx cushion provides the perfect balance of comfort and support. 

Natural latex coccyx cushions are made up of natural latex foam rubber. They provide continued back support without losing shape. These cushions offer good airflow and cooling effects. They offer high resilience, relieve pressure on the tail bone and help in maintain neutral spinal alignment. Natural latex coccyx cushion is the best option for those who are looking for an organic and eco-friendly option for their cushion. 

MM Foam Coccyx Cushion Benefits

MM Foam has Coccyx cushion specially designed to relieve pain in coccyx region as well Sciatica Pain Relief. The benefits and features of using MM Foam Coccyx Cushion are listed below

MM Foam Coccyx cushion Features

 100% natural latex material with pincore technology

  • Washable cover
  • Designed to support all body weights
  • Ergonomic, wedge-shaped design that fits comfortably on any kind of seating
  • Supportive belt keeps the cushion in shape
  • Naturally Breathable
  • Naturally Cooling
  • Eco-friendly
  • Free From Harmful Chemicals
  • Maintains natural alignment
  • Highly resilient hence maintains shape
  • Hypoallergenic: Naturally Anti-bacterial and Anti-fungal, Dust Mite Resistant
  • Light weight – just 0.75 kg
  • Manufactured as per BIS standard IS: 1741-1960

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FAQ: Frequently asked questions

1. Do Coccyx cushion works?

Yes, a coccyx cushion works and offers great help for those who suffer from coccyx or tailbone pain. Coccyx cushion alter the pelvic position and reduces pressure on the spine and lower back. Coccyx cushions are a great option for those who had tailbone surgery or injury. This pillow helps in the healing process and reduces pain and discomfort in the tailbone area. If you have a job that requires prolonged sitting, you can use a coccyx cushion as a preventive measure to avoid unnecessary strain on the lower back and tailbone area.

2 Which cushion is best for coccyx pain?

Coccyx cushions come in various shapes and are made up of different forms and materials. “Wedge shape” coccyx cushions are great for pain and a better option than doughnut shape cushions. The wedge-shaped cushion has a cutout or wedge in the back where your tailbone sits. This feature helps in reducing pressure on the tailbone while sitting and alleviate pain and inflammation. Material wise, natural latex coccyx cushions are a good option. They provide efficient support and maintain a neutral spinal alignment.

3 What is a coccyx cushion?

A coccyx cushion is a specially designed pillow that has a cutout at the lower end and offer great help for those who suffer from coccyx pain. They also improve posture, reduce pressure on the spine and maintain a neutral spinal alignment.

Q.4 How do you use a coccyx cushion?

You should place a coccyx cushion on your seat directly after removing all other cushions. Avoid using a coccyx cushion with another pillow or cushions as it disturbs the balance and causes undue back pressure. Also, keep your posture upright while using a coccyx cushion.

Ensure that the coccyx cushion is pushed into the back of the chair, and when you sit down, make sure you sit in the centre of the cushion so that your coccyx is positioned centrally, where the cut-out is.

You should ensure that your hips and lower back are pushed into the back of the seat. This will help you to sit straight and spread your weight evenly.

5 Can you sleep with a coccyx cushion?

In general, coccyx cushions are used for the prolonged sitting position and take off the pressure from the coccyx and lower back area. Nowadays, some companies design specific coccyx cushions that can be used in bed while sleeping. You can use them as per your condition, after consulting your physician or healthcare provider.

6 How should I sleep with tailbone pain?

If you suffer from tailbone pain, then you can sleep either in the side or back sleeping position. While sleeping in the side position, put a thin pillow between your knees. It helps in reducing pressure on the lower back and tailbone. 

It may seem that the back sleeping position may worsen the tailbone pain, but this position can help in reducing pain and discomfort if you take some extra care. Place a “wedge-shaped pillow” below your knees, while sleeping in the back position. Placing the pillow below knees provides proper support and reduces back stress.