Full Bodied Natural Latex Mattress

Full Bodied Natural Latex Mattress

What is a full-bodied natural latex mattress?

A full-bodied natural latex mattress is entirely made up of natural latex of a specific density. It has no additional layers and some mattress companies offer a topper option for that additional sinking feel.

Latex is poured into a mould, and these moulds range from ¾ inch, 1 inch, 4 inches, 6 inches, and even 8 inches. If you are under 90kg you need a MINIMUM 4 inch full-bodied natural latex mattress. If you are a plus size, best to get in touch with the experts at the mattress manufacturing company to customize the mattress based on your weight - usually a 6 or 8 inch full-bodied natural latex mattress should suffice but check with the experts.

Most manufacturing companies fuse two or more layers of natural latex of different thicknesses in order to obtain the customer’s desired mattress total thickness.

So, what does that mean for you?

When a mattress is made up of full-bodied natural latex, you are experiencing natural latex from bottom to top. There is no compromise in material or comfort when it comes to a good night’s sleep. Other manufacturing companies often add layers made up of other cheaper materials to reduce the price and win the market. This negates the benefits of natural latex. 


Beware of marketing gimmicks!

You must have witnessed a natural latex queen size mattress costing you Rs. 60,000 on one website and the same queen size natural latex mattress on another website made by another company costing you Rs. 16,000. This must be confusing and a little suspect.  Not to worry. We will break it down for you.

Some mattress manufacturing companies market and sell ‘latex mattresses’ at a 1/4th of the price because they often substitute the lower layers with cheaper materials like PU Foam, Rebonded Foam and Memory Foam.  This negates the purchase of a natural latex mattress for a few reasons:

  1. Natural Latex is “BEST IN COMFORT” - The properties of natural latex NATURALLY provide the best compression and bounceback. It offers the best support by aligning your spine, increasing blood circulation, which reduces body aches and numbness while asleep. You will toss and turn a lot less while sleeping which results in uninterrupted and undisturbed sleep.
  2. Natural Latex has “ZERO MOTION TRANSFER” - natural latex is a resilient material.  That means it is able to withstand difficult or tough conditions and bounce back to its original shape quickly.  This creates a much much more supportive sleeping environment for couples, especially for ones who toss and turn.  Memory Foam on the other hand does not offer the same resilience, so couples that toss and turn experience lumpiness from the shape the memory foam takes with the weight of each body.  PU Foam is the worst on the list as it offers very little support in this area.  If your partner tosses and turns you will feel it!  It doesn't sound too great for the sound sleep you're looking for does it?!    
  3. Natural Latex is “HYPOALLERGENIC” - this means it is highly unlikely to cause any allergic reaction in your body.
  4. Natural Latex is “COOLING” - the properties of natural latex are naturally cooling, whereas all the other foams trap heat and require further chemically created enhancements for a cooling effect. Chances are that you will not wake up feeling sweaty or with the chills because of your mattress!
  5. Natural Latex is “NATURAL” - it comes from the sap of rubber trees.  Other mattress foams are CHEMICALLY produced in a factory and try to mimic the properties of natural latex mattresses.
  6. Natural Latex is “SUSTAINABLE” - the trees, from which the rubber sap is tapped, are not cut down.  Chemically Produced materials are terrible for the environment and terrible for you!
  7. Natural Latex “DECOMPOSES NATURALLY” - natural latex mattresses decompose naturally and do not release harmful or toxic chemicals, unlike other foam mattresses when disposed of.

Often mattress companies just have a top layer of 1/4” to 1” of natural latex to a mattress. This is in NO WAY a latex mattress.

It’s like getting BMW seats put in a budget car. In such cases, you will never get the true experience of driving a BMW - without the BMW engine, chassis, body and interiors. Similarly, to experience the TRUE COMFORT and FEEL of a natural latex mattress, invest in a full-bodied natural latex mattress for the best sleep experience especially since you spend a third of your life on a mattress.

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