All you need to know about Travel Pillows

All you need to know about Travel Pillows

Travelling to unknown places is a rewarding experience in life. It not only gives you a break from monotonous routine life, but it offers an opportunity to explore other cultures and traditions as well. However, with all the benefits, frequent travelers also face some common challenges like neck pain or stiff neck.

Sitting upright for long periods of time during travel can be tiresome, and it can also put extra strain on your neck muscles, making it harder to get the rest you need.  

For the frequent traveler dealing with these issues, investing in a travel pillow can bring some relief. A good quality travel pillow provides good neck support while sleeping in an upright position and helps in maintaining a healthy posture, too.

Nowadays, we have plenty of travel pillows options out there in the market. And you may feel confused about how to select a good one for yourself. If you are going through the same dilemma, then we are here to help you.  

What is a travel pillow? And what are some important things you keep in mind while buying a travel pillow? are some questions that we will be answering here. Read on to know more! 

What is a travel pillow? 

A travel pillow is an important travel accessory that provides good neck, head and back support while sleeping in an upright position during travelling. Travel pillows are available in various shapes and sizes. Manufacturers use different materials to make travel pillows. They are also available as inflatable and non-inflatable types. It is important that you perform thorough research before selecting a travel pillow for yourself.  

What are the things you should keep in mind while selecting a travel pillow?  


Travel pillows come in various shapes, such as U-shape, J-shape, etc. Some travel pillows are available in regular rectangle shapes. Pillow cubes are another popular travel pillow option for travelers. Each shape offers unique functionality, and you can select the one that you find comfortable.  

Size (portability) 

The size of the travel pillow is another factor to consider before purchasing a travel pillow. Most prefer to buy a portable, small-size travel pillow which comes in a pillowcase. People can easily accommodate it with other luggage since it occupies less space. If you intend to use the travel pillow for camping or inside your own home, choose a larger size.  

Comfort and support 

This is another important point to consider before selecting a travel pillow. Make sure your travel pillow makes you feel comfortable and provides good neck support. It should help to maintain a safe posture without causing extra stress on your neck.  

Construction material  

Various materials are used to create travel pillows. Memory foam and microfiber are the most popular materials used in travel pillows. Memory foam travel pillows are firm and provide good support while microfiber pillows are softer and less firm. MM Foam travel pillows are 100% natural latex foam pillows offering the support and durability of latex and sustainability promise of MM Foam.


If you are a frequent traveler and need to use a travel pillow very often, then it is important to select a travel pillow that offers good durability. Try to buy a travel pillow that is made of high-quality construction material that runs longer and offers extended durability.  


Of course, budget is another important factor to consider before buying a travel pillow. Travel pillows come in a wide price range (starting from 1000 INR- 3000 INR). You can purchase anyone as per your budget and travel requirements. Good quality travel pillows might be more expensive than other routine inexpensive ones, but they are more durable too.  

Inflatable Vs non-inflatable travel pillows 

Travel pillows come in both forms: inflatable and non-inflatable travel pillows. Both have their own pros and cons. You can save space by fitting inflatable pillows easily in your luggage or suitcase and can alter the air level of inflatable pillows to your preferred level of firmness. If space saving is your prime agenda, then inflatable travel pillows are the best option for you. While non-inflatable travel pillows take more space, they come in various shapes, sizes, and materials. Take your pick as per your individual choice and preference.  


1. Which is the best travel pillow? 

Well, there is no universal travel pillow that suits everyone. Selecting a good quality travel pillow depends upon various factors, such as your travel frequency and travel length, your comfort and sleeping position, etc. You can try some options to find out which one works best for you. We will recommend MM Foam’s travel pillow. This pillow is made of 100% organic natural latex and offers excellent comfort and support while travelling.  

2. Is it worth investing in a travel pillow?

Yes, definitely. If you want to improve your travelling experience by getting some much-needed rest or sleeping better during travelling, then investing in a travel pillow is a wise decision. A good quality travel pillow helps maintain your head and neck in a natural position and reduces the possibility of neck pain and soreness. 
3 Can a travel pillow help with neck pain? 


If you have a chronic neck pain condition, then do not entirely depend upon a travel pillow for neck support. Consult with your doctor and follow his suggestions for long-distance travel. However, a travel pillow can be a supportive aid which can help in improving your body posture while sleeping in an upright position and can help you rest better while travelling. 

4 Are travel pillows good for long-haul flights? 

Yes, travel pillows can offer excellent support for long-haul flights. Make sure to buy a good quality travel pillow with good firmness for long-haul flights. Otherwise, you will not get the needed support which you desire. 

5 Can I wash my travel pillow? 

It is important to read and follow your manufacturer’s instructions for cleaning the travel pillow. Try to buy a travel pillow with a removable cover. You can wash this easily to maintain good level of cleanliness and hygiene for next use.