Hybrid Mattress Benefits and is it a perfect choice for you?

Hybrid Mattress Benefits and is it a perfect choice for you?

Just like all other aspects of life, the mattress industry has evolved at a faster rate in the last few years. Sleep experts and mattress brands are designing various new sleeping products and mattresses to enhance customer satisfaction and offer them more choices to choose from to satisfy their unique sleeping needs. 

The hybrid mattress is one of the latest innovations in the mattress industry. These mattresses are designed to offer the best of both worlds, including the comfort of memory foam or natural latex mattresses and the support of traditional innerspring or rubberized coir mattresses. 

What is a hybrid mattress? What are its benefits? And what are some good hybrid mattress brands? Read on to know more. 

What is a hybrid mattress?

As the name suggests, a hybrid mattress comprises of two layers. The base layer consists of pocketed coils or rebonded foam or  rubberized coir and the top layer is made of either memory foam, polyurethane foam, or latex. Hybrid mattresses are becoming popular due to their customizable support. 

Hybrid mattresses come in various types, and different brands bring different styles. You can choose anyone as per your sleeping position and personal preferences. 

Benefits of a hybrid mattress 

Here are some amazing benefits of hybrid mattresses.

It offers a perfect balance of comfort and support 

This is one of the most important benefits of hybrid mattresses. They offer a perfect balance of comfort and support. The innerspring or rebonded foam base layer provides excellent support, while a foam layer offers good pressure relief and comfort. This unique construction is the USP of hybrid mattresses and makes them different from other routine mattresses.

Hybrid mattress keeps you cool 

Effective temperature regulation is one of the essential aspects of a good mattress. Sadly, not all mattresses offer good temperature regulation. Most memory foam mattresses trap body heat and make you feel hot at night and disturb your sleep. To overcome this issue, hybrid mattresses are the best option. The base coil layer of a hybrid mattress permits excellent air flow and offers effective temperature regulation. They keep you cool at night and improve breathability too. If the top layer is made of natural latex, then its cell structure naturally offers good air flow and regulates temperature.

Hybrid mattress offers good pressure relief 

If you are suffering from back pain or other chronic pain issues, then a hybrid mattress can be a good option for you. The upper foam or latex layer offers good pressure relief and helps you sleep well by managing your existing pain conditions. 

Hybrid mattress suits all common sleeping styles 

Whether you are a back sleeper or a side sleeper, hybrid mattresses work great for most of the common sleeping positions. Hybrid mattresses provide customized support and comfort for most common sleeping positions.   

Good with motion isolation 

Hybrid mattresses are better at motion isolation as compared to innerspring mattresses. Traditional innerspring mattresses transfer the motion easily from one part of the bed to the other, while hybrid mattresses minimize the motion transfer and help you sleep better at night. 

Hybrid mattresses are durable too

Finally, hybrid mattresses are superior in quality and offer good durability. Moreover, they require less maintenance and reduce your stress related to mattress maintenance. 

Do I need to purchase a spring box along with hybrid mattresses?

Well, the answer is it depends. Some brands from the past have recommended using a spring box along with hybrid mattresses for better functionality, while some latest brands have launched hybrid mattress models which don’t need a spring box for proper setup. It is best to check instructions from your mattress manufacturers to use your hybrid mattress properly. 

What are some great hybrid mattress brands with good functionality?

MM foam’s dual harmony mattress (latex hybrid)

MM foam’s dual harmony latex hybrid mattress comprises three layers. The base or support layer is made of rebonded foam, the transition layer is made of PU foam, and the comfort layer is made of natural latex. This mattress has two sides. One is hard, and the other is soft. You can choose anyone as per your individual preference. You can use it as a guest room mattress too. A 7-year warranty and low-motion transfer are other impressive features. 

MM Foam’s Fusion orthopedic mattress 

MM Foam’s fusion orthopedic mattress is another great hybrid mattress. It also comprises three layers. The support layer is made of 100-density rubberized coir, the transition layer is made of certiPUR-US certified PU foam and the top layer is made of 100% natural latex foam. Multiple layers enhance your comfort level and help maintain neutral spine alignment. This mattress is eco-friendly and offers resistance to dust, dirt and mold. 

To increase customer satisfaction, MM Foam is also offering a combo offer of fusion orthopedic mattress. The combo offer includes a mattress protector and free latex pillows along with a fusion orthopedic mattress. You can purchase this combo set as a value pack and maximize savings.