Natural Latex: Nature's Gift To Sleep

Natural Latex: Nature's Gift To Sleep

Nature has a way of providing us with what we require in our daily lives, allowing us the option to choose materials that are biodegradable, natural and sustainable.

When it comes to mattresses made out of natural latex tapped from rubber trees, not only does nature provide all of the above, it also allows for a sleep that is more comfortable and healthy, on a surface that is highly durable and retains its shape well, night after night.


The Comfort And Breathability Of Natural Latex

Natural latex mattresses are extremely comfortable to sleep on. The material contours well to your body’s shape, meaning that you get the right support at the parts of your body that need it the most, without it being so firm that it becomes uncomfortable - it’s thus a healthy option for spinal alignment and support.

The material also has superior bounce back, meaning it returns to its original shape quickly, after someone gets up from having slept on it. It doesn’t sag, and you can be assured of the same ‘feel’ night after night.

At MM Foam, we use the purest possible grade of natural latex (940g/1000ml) This ensures that our 100% natural latex mattresses and pillows are inherently dust mite resistant and hypoallergenic, lowering the risk of allergies, without the use of any chemical-based anti-allergy additives.


The Choice Of A Better Tomorrow

The world today has no option but to move to a more sustainable way of operating if we are to leave the future generations a planet that is habitable. MM Foam is proud of its 60 year heritage that has provided a natural mattress alternative to the Indian market, sourced from homegrown rubber plantations in South India .

We are continuously striving to improve our offerings, keeping our strengths and our our planet in mind, while developing innovative sleep solutions that help you #WakeUpPositive, day after day.