Types of Mattress - 2022

The shocking connection between types of mattresses and a comfortable sleep

Sound sleep is a significant indicator of good health and thus, any detriment to it is known to bring about a range of health complications. So, the next time you say that you are sleep-deprived, think if it's just your crazy work schedule or your mattress to blame!

Yes, you heard it right! Your sleep issues might well be linked to the type of mattress you sleep on. So, let's dig in a bit, to understand the common types of mattresses that are available in the market and how they might affect our sleep.

 If buying a new mattress has been on your mind, it's not uncommon to be torn between the types of mattress that might finally give you the comfort and durability that you're looking for. And no, it's not just about getting home a whimsy spring mattress that you slept on in a hotel suite on your holiday, or a budget-friendly, light-weight foam mattress.

To know more about the various considerations before buying a mattress, head over to our Mattress Buying guide.

Top 7 types of mattresses that are currently popular in India

1. Latex Mattresses

100% natural latex mattresses are considered a luxury product. For a long time, it was the only kind of luxury mattress available in India and pure 100% natural latex mattresses still enjoy that status. They process rubber sap into foam to offer a natural spring and soft feel here. These are responsive mattresses that are durable and sustainable. 

What are Latex Mattresses like?

Latex mattresses are versatile and comprise many layers of latex foam, which is naturally sourced from the sap of the rubber tree.

Mattresses of latex provide more durability, firmness & eco-friendly quotient, depending on the composition of natural latex in them. These can be categorized further into:

Natural Latex Mattresses

A Natural latex mattress is typically manufactured by solidifying natural rubber sap into latex foam. With years of research, the latex mattress making technology has been perfected to offer durability, comfort and hypoallergenic properties to the end user. Natural Latex mattresses are perfect for every kind of sleeper.

PROS of a 100% Natural Latex Mattress

  • Comfort & Firm support
  • Breathability
  • Durability
  • Dust-Resistance & Anti-Fungal
  • Hypoallergenic

CONS of a Latex Mattress

  • High Cost
  • Weight & difficulty in transportation


Synthetic Latex Mattresses

Synthetic latex mattresses are produced with potent chemicals which nearly mimic the feel, density and firmness of a natural latex mattress. If you are looking for a cost effective solution you could look for synthetic latex, however it might not be truly hypoallergenic or might not offer the health benefits that natural latex mattress offers. 

Latex Hybrid Mattress : What's everyone raving about?

Hybrid mattresses integrate the benefits of most of the afore-mentioned types of mattresses in order to curate one of the robust, durable, hypo-allergenic, comfortable and breathable varieties of mattresses.

Most manufacturers of the Latex Hybrid mattress hinge on the structure that primarily consists of:

  1. A steel support system based on the coils array of innerspring mattresses,
  2. Layer(s) of Polyurethane foam, memory foam, Latex foam, that provide softness & breathable layer.
  3. Cooling materials to regulate the temperature throughout the bed, and,
  4. A top layer of natural latex material for comfort.

Basically, with a latex hybrid mattress you would get to enjoy the comfortable contouring effect of natural latex foam & the supportive bounce of the innerspring feature. It is ideal for combination sleeper who change their sleep position throughout the night.

PROS of Latex Hybrid Mattress

  • Proper buoyant support system - The presence of coils makes it possible to experience a good balance of weight while sleeping. After all who really likes to see craters in the bed long after they've gotten up?
  • No off-gassing - This means that you would not have to be annoyed with the weird chemical smell a lot of beddings do.
  • Ideal for Overweight sleepers - The spring & coil arrangement helps in distributing weight uniformly across the bed regardless of how heavy a person is.
  • It is Dust- and Germ-Resistant

CONS of Latex hybrid mattress

  • Motion Transfer - Unless there is a separate spring system meant for each individual sleeper, the movement of one sleeper can bother the co-sleeper to some extent.


2. Polyurethane Foam Mattress- PU Foam Mattress

Polyurethane foam mattresses are made from petrochemicals. A lot of mattress manufacturing units use polyfoam in the top layer of spring mattresses. Most of these mattresses are constructed with multiple layers of foam like PU foam and rebonded foam to offer firmness and support.

Although polyfoam makes them portable & light, their biggest disadvantage is that they do not last very long. However, they are beneficial for correcting back alignment. These are also hypo-allergenic and cost-effective PU Foam mattresses are good for back and stomach sleepers, depending on the thickness. 


3. Memory Foam Mattress

These mattresses align along the contours of your body and adjust to its heat and pressure. Once the pressure is released after rising, a memory foam mattress bounces back to its original shape.

These are ideal for side-sleepers and those with joint & back pain. However, since they trap a lot of heat, it's a major inconvenience for those who always feel hot or stay in warmer regions.


4. Gel Foam Mattress

These are modified memory foam mattresses with the addition of a gel layer to the conventional foam mattress. This gel absorbs heat and thus does not allow the mattress to heat up when you sleep on it. 


5. Innerspring Mattress

An innerspring mattress is made up of steel coils that compress upon lying on it. These coils support the mattress, and a tighter array of coils would lead to a much better sleep quality.

However, these usually have a disadvantage of transferring your movement to the co-sleeper, if you're sharing the bed.


6. Coir Mattress

Coir mattresses are a 100% eco-friendly type of mattresses made from processed coconut husk, which is compressed into a spring-like layer. It is then placed between multiple layers of foam that gives a much required degree of firmness. Mattresses made out of coir also retain their shape after years of use.

Coir bedding works great for people preferring firm alignment and support for their backs, which is not possible with foam or spring mattresses.


7. Orthopaedic Mattress

As the name declares, orthopaedic mattresses are designed for people suffering from challenges of posture, pain & alignment. They are excellent due to their firmness & ability to distribute weight uniformly over the surface. Ortho mattresses are comparatively hard and it is better to consult a doctor before buying this mattress.


FAQs about choosing the right mattress for you

Even though there is no one perfect mattress for everybody out there, the following pointers may help you decide which mattress would work to get you the quality sleep you deserve.

Which mattress is Eco-friendly & Long-lasting?

Coir & 100%  natural latex mattresses are eco-friendly and are known to be durable for at least 8-17 years.

Which type of mattresses are recommended for Overweight sleepers?

Generally, coir, innerspring or latex hybrid mattresses are ideal for those on the higher side of the weighing scale.

That's because these materials allow more firmness which does not affect the compression degree of the mattress due to prolonged pressure of body weight.

Do Hybrid Mattresses last long?

A hybrid latex mattress usually lasts for anytime between 5  to 10 years. And most of the hybrid mattresses come with a reasonable warranty against regular wear & tear, if at all, they need to be replaced.

Which mattress do most Orthopaedicians recommend?

Orthopaedists suggest to use a mattress which is supportive, comfortable for the spine and helps you to have good sleep without any ache or pain.

Hybrid latex mattresses help against back pain, if that is your concern. On the other hand, natural latex mattresses are recommended for joint-specific pain or complaints of chronic trauma.

Does the ideal mattress type depend on one's sleeping position?

Yes, of course!

If you are a side-sleeper, you would want to buy a plush & less firm mattress to sleep on. Whereas, if you love to sleep on your back or stomach, it is best that you avoid soft mattresses which would cause your spine to unnecessarily curve through the night & consequently result in back pain over time. A firmer mattress would work wonderfully.

What if my co-sleeper has a different mattress preference?

Some manufacturers sell mattresses with modular firmness in a split manner, that makes it possible to interchange them according to one's needs.

Both, Latex & Hybrid mattresses are customizable and available in soft to firm types.

How do I ensure that the edges of the mattress do not unevenly thin out with time?

Since regular foam mattresses, which are light-weight and are shipped in boxes, tend to get easily compressed on the sides, you can go for a hybrid latex mattress that is sure to have a good edge-support.

How do I know if it is time to replace my mattress?

Lumps, thinned edges and poor indents are some of the warnings or red flags about continuing to sleep on the mattress. If you have any difficulty in sleeping with comfort or end up waking up with aches in the morning, it surely is the time to buy a new mattress at home.

Which is better - Buying Online or In-store?

Although buying a mattress in an actual showroom has its own benefits of getting to test the mattress in person, nowadays, buying mattresses online is equally good. That's because most sellers offer streamlined options of free shipping, hassle-free setting-up on delivery, and easy return/replace policy. Moreover, genuine reviews also guide you well towards making the right choice.

To sum it all up, relying on science-backed information about what goes into the making of a mattress is always a great bet.



More so, we do not buy mattresses very often. Hence, it is ideal that you invest in one that helps you sleep and wake without pain. When it comes to a good night's sleep, the benefits always outweigh the price!

As a legacy brand with over 60 years of experience in creating world-class mattresses that help customers sleep better, we at MM foam recommend mattresses made of natural latex material or hybrid latex material. A lot of mattresses are available online today, however when making a choice, apart from the cost-benefit also look for quality, reliability of the brand and comfort that it offers to the kind of sleeper that you are.