What Makes Our Natural Latex Mattresses And Pillows So Durable?

What Makes Our Natural Latex Mattresses And Pillows So Durable?

One of the reasons we’re able to offer best-in-market warranties on our 100% natural latex mattresses and pillows is that we have complete faith in our processes that have been honed for over 60 years.

These processes focus on sourcing the right materials, adopting pioneering technology and superior quality standards, and ensuring that uncompromising quality regimens are maintained for every product that rolls out of our factory.

As with most manufactured goods, using top quality raw material is the first step to ensuring longevity of the finished product.

Beginning with sourcing our raw materials from only the most reliable sources, including from our own homegrown rubber estates in Kerala, to using nothing but the purest possible natural latex in the industry, (940g/1000ml) we ensure that what you sleep on is of the finest quality and as natural as it gets.

Our latex employs the Dunlop method which results in superior density, is 60% centrifuged for maximum rubber content and is moulded, not sliced, to ensure long lasting homogeneity and comfort.

We have, over the years, adopted a variety of pioneering technologies, such as Pincore, Nanocore and Innercore to enhance the feel and durability of each product, depending on its use.

As a result, each product is a carefully engineered balance of the most appropriate latex density, manufacturing process and thickness of product to ensure that not only does your mattress or pillow give you the desired ‘feel’ and adequate support and breathability, but also that it is resilient, giving you the same comfort for years and allowing you to #WakeUpPositive, day after day.