About MM Foam

A history of good sleep.

60 years ago, when mattresses were primarily made of cotton, MM Foam revolutionized the art of sleeping with latex mattresses.

With experience in making luxury bus seats, aircraft seats and upholstery sheeting, we brought our understanding of the science of comfort into people's homes. The switch from cotton to antibacterial, dust-mite-resistant and hypoallergenic latex mattresses caught on rapidly. With MM Foam's technology, people found themselves sleeping more soundly, finally rid of body aches and pains.

And today, MM Foam is India's largest selling latex foam rubber mattress brand.


Reducing 143 tons of carbon dioxide every year.

We collect rubber sap from the Hevea brasiliensis rubber tree and mould it into all-natural latex. In creating a single queen-sized Pincore mattress, the sap output of 2500 trees is used. These rubber trees account for the removal of 143 tons of carbon dioxide from the environment every year. That's another reason our customers sleep so soundly.

The MM Foam Latex mattress is a lifelong companion!

It is durable, healthy, safe and all natural. Our latex mattress is an investment that repays you many times over and some of our customers have used their MM Foam mattresses for over 25 years!

With a superior understanding of latex's ability to help support your spine, help you unwind and enhance your sleep experience, we design pillows, cushions and mattresses to suit different body types and needs.


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