FAQ - Contour Pillow

What material is the pillow made of?
The Contour pillow is made with 100% natural latex (also called 'Rubber Milk' derived from Rubber trees (Hevea brasiliensis)). It is natural and made through sustainable practices.

What is unique about the Contour pillow?
It has curved surfaces called 'contours' of two different heights - allowing the user to sleep on their preferred thickness. The curves conform to the natural shape of your neck and shoulders for optimal spinal alignment; The flat bottom prevents the pillow from slipping during sleep.

Why does it have two different heights?
Two different heights allow you to choose between thick or thin - whichever suits you better.

What is the warranty of the pillow?
The pillow comes with a 7 year warranty, against any manufacturing defect.

Is the Contour pillow washable?
No, the pillow should never be washed. However, the outer cover can be removed and machine-washed. We recommend using a pillow protector.

Please refer to product care guide for information on use instruction, care and maintenance