FAQ - Dexxa Pillow

What is the pillow made of ?
Dexxa Pillow is made with 100% natural latex (also called 'Rubber Milk' derived from Rubber trees (Hevea brasiliensis)). It is natural and made through sustainable practices.

What is the warranty of the pillow ?
The pillow comes with a 7 year warranty.

What is unique about the Dexxa pillow?
The Dexxa Pillow is a speciality pillow with D-Curve design - it conforms to the natural contour of your shoulders and keeps your spine straight. The flat bottom lets the pillow remain stable while sleeping.

What is D-Curve?
D-Curve is a unique design feature which is flat at the bottom and curved at the top. The flat bottom enables the pillow to be stable in position while sleeping and the top curved surface conforms to the natural contour of your neck and shoulders for optimal spinal alignment

What is Nanocore?
Nanocores are 3 mm diameter shafts on the surface of the pillow which allow constant air circulation, making the pillow more breathable and cool.

What is the height of the pillow?
At 3.75 inches, the Dexxa is a thin pillow.

How many pillows are there in a box?
Each box contains one pillow.

Please refer to product care guide for information on use instruction, care and maintenance