FAQ - Dual Harmony Mattress

What is the construction of the Dual Harmony mattress?
There are 3 layers which consist of Natural Latex Foam Rubber, Polyurethane Foam (PU Foam) & Re-Bonded Foam. The Top layer of natural latex will support pressure points on your back for a comfortable sleep. The PU Foam works as a transition layer and the Rebonded foam acts as a supportive base for the mattress.

Can the Dual Harmony mattress be used on both sides?
Yes, the Dual Harmony mattress is flippable! You can use it on either side according to your preference for soft or firm compression.

Does it come with base shown in the picture?
No, it does not include the base. We recommend buying a base that has flat surface. The suggested height of the base + Mattress thickness is roughly 21 inches from the floor.

Does the mattress come with protector/pillows?
No, you can purchase our pillows and protector on our website.
We highly recommend using a mattress protector always, to avoid any seepage of fluid into the mattress and to keep it neat & tidy.

Can I get the mattress in custom sizes?
Yes, customisation is possible. Please write to us at customercare@mmfoam.in with your contact number and we will get in touch.
Note: Sizes greater than 78” in length and 72” in width are not provided