Warranty Terms - Natural Latex Pillows

Includes Snuggle, Passion, Life Companion, Dexxa, Neckare and Contour Pillows.

This 7 Years limited warranty starts from the date of purchase. If a manufacturing defect occurs during these 7 years, the defective pillow will be repaired or replaced at the discretion of the company.

  1. The Warranty is limited to the value of the pillow as shown in the original invoice of purchase and the Company will not be responsible for the damage/injury or any hardship faced by the Customer under any circumstances.
  2. The warranty period on a replaced/repaired product shall be automatically reduced to the balance period, as computed from the date of first sale of the product.
  3. For any replacement, the to and fro transportation cost will be borne by the purchaser only.
  4. This Warranty is valid only if it bears the stamp and signature of the Company or authorized dealer of the Company from whom the Customer purchased the Pillow.
  5. Warranty card & purchase bill to be produced for warranty claim.
  6. All disputes are subject to courts in Bangalore Jurisdiction only.

Schedule of Warranty

mm foam - Pillow Warranty Calculation

Formula for calculating the amount payable by purchaser 

Please Note: No. of Years used is calculated from the date of purchase. Six months or more will be calculated as 1 year. Less than six months will be ignored.


The limited warranty does not cover

  1. Pillow fabric cover
  2. Comfort preference/ Firmness/Height preference of the product
  3. Reduction in the height (thickness) of the pillow by 20% in the first year of purchase and total 30% in the remaining period of four years are normal during the usage.
  4. The material damage due to handling.


Do’s & Dont’s

  1. Always use the pillow with Pillow cover
  2. Do not remove the protective cover provided by the company.
  3. Keep your pillow clean and use a pillow protector.
  4. Do not tear of the label on your pillow.
  5. Do not use any chemical cleaner on the pillow.
  6. Do not expose to sunlight.
  7. In case of flattening, pillow can be gently tapped by hand
  8. In case the pillow happens to get wet, dry it under fan only.
  9. Do not fold the pillow.