Pincore Mattress (100% Organic Natural Latex)

Manufactured by MM Rubber Company limited

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100% Organic Natural Latex mattress with pin-type cores for easy ventilation. Highly durable, it offers superior support for the back compared to other mattresses, keeping you cool in summer and warm in winter.

Density: 90-110 Kg/Cubic meter and IH- 21-35 Kg.

Mattress Firmness Scale:

Length: 182.9 CM (72)
Width: Single - 91.5 CM (36)
Thickness: 10.16 CM (4)

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  • 8840 Pincores of 6 mm diameter in a single-sized mattress
  • 60% centrifuged natural latex
  • Moulded not sliced - increasing durability of the product
  • Comes with Bamboo cloth cover
  • Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certification
  • OEKO-TEX certification
  • Organic 100 certification
  • Confidence In Textiles certification
  • BIS Standard IS: 1741-1960
Product Features
  • 17 Year warranty
  • Zero motion transfer
  • Snugs your body
  • Alleviates numbness and joint pain
  • Cool in summer, warm in winter
  • Anti-sagging
  • Hypoallergenic, antibacterial & dust-mite resistant
  • Reversible
  • No harmful chemicals
  • Biodegradable
17 Year Limited Warranty

Our natural latex products come with the best material and build quality which is why we offer a Best-In-Market 17 year warranty! This works on a pro-rata basis where we will repair or replace your mattress against any manufacturing defect. For more details on the pro-rata clauses, please read our Warranty Terms.

What is the mattress made of?
The Pincore mattress is made out of 100% natural latex. Our mattress is constructed from a single mould of latex unlike most other mattresses available in the market, which are pieces of latex foam glued together.

What is the warranty period of the mattress?
The Pincore mattress comes with a best-in-market warranty of 17 years. ( 2 years replacement warranty + 15 years pro-rata warranty )

Does a natural latex mattress generate heat?
No, latex mattresses do not generate any heat - In fact, they stay cooler than most other mattresses due to their natural material and breathable, open-cell structure. Our design also uses the Pincore technology ( 8840 pin cores in a single-sized mattress, to be precise ) that really keep your body cool throughout your sleep.

How is natural latex different from memory foam?
Firstly, unlike memory foam, latex is a 100% natural material. Latex mattresses are resilient and inherently antibacterial, dust-mite resistant and hypoallergenic whereas memory foam is synthetic, traps heat and tends to sink/sag over time. Secondly, latex has far superior bounce back; where memory foam takes time to regain shape, latex springs back up as soon as you turn in your sleep - thereby supporting your body better.

Is a natural latex mattress good for back support?
Natural latex is the best material for back support. By conforming to the natural curves of the body and staying resilient over time, our latex mattresses ensure that body's pressure points are supported and the spinal cord alignment is intact.

Why does the mattress have pin-type holes?
There are 8840 pin type cores on the surface of a 75” x 36” (single) mattress. These shafts enhance air circulation within the mattress, which keeps it ventilated and allow you a comfortable sleep.

Are latex mattresses better than foam mattresses?
Latex is a completely natural material. It adjusts to your body weight and provides support while you sleep. It reduces back-pain that develops from sleeping on ordinary mattresses. It is inherently anti-bacterial, dust-mite resistant & hypo-allergenic.

Does it have a bouncy feel?
Yes! Latex due to its elastic properties has got good resilience and bounces back to its original shape really quickly. It also supports the body pressure points so that you wake up positive and refreshed.

Is your mattress certified? Does it come with a 100% refund trial period?
Our latex mattresses are manufactured as per the Bureau Of Indian Standard Specification IS 1741-1960 and carries the ISI mark. The raw material to the finished product follows all the parameters of BIS specifications which assure you quality. With 6 decades of expertise in latex foam rubber manufacturing and 1000s of satisfied customers, we have never needed to offer a 100% refund trial. We are so confident in our product that we give you the best-in-market limited warranty of 17 years.

What is No Motion Transfer or Zero Motion Transfer?
When a person moves on the mattress, either while tossing/turning or by getting up, the motion is not transferred to the other side. This is possible due to the amazing shock absorption properties of natural latex. No Motion Transfer means your partner cannot even feel you move thereby allowing them undisturbed sleep!

How does the Pincore mattress assist with spinal alignment?
The Pincore supports the pressure points of your body to keep the spine aligned. It takes the shape of the body and due to its high resilience, keeps the spine alignment undisturbed.

Does it include the base shown in the pictures?
No, it does not include the base. We recommend you purchase a base that has a flat surface. Suggested height of the base + Mattress thickness is roughly 21 inches from the floor.

Is the cover removable and washable?
No, please do not remove the cover from the mattress at any point. We recommend using a mattress protector always, to avoid any seepage of fluid into the mattress and to keep it neat & tidy.

When and why should I change my mattress?
When your mattress develops a sag, it needs to be changed. As far as our Pincore is concerned, even though we assure that it will not sag with our 17 year warranty, we would still recommend getting a new one after 10 years - simply for better hygiene.
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