Natural Latex vs Pocket Spring Mattress

Confused between Natural Latex or Pocket Spring mattress? Here’s a guide for you

Selecting a good-quality mattress is a cumbersome process. You may feel confused with so many mattress options out there in the market. Nowadays, Natural latex and pocket spring mattress are the two most popular mattresses options. Both mattresses have different characteristics. You can choose any one as per your individual sleeping requirements. 

Let's explore the unique characteristics of each mattress that will guide you to decide which one will be a more suitable option for you and help you get restful sleep. 

What is a natural latex mattress?

Natural Latex mattress is made from the sap of a rubber tree. The milky sap is poured into the molds and then processed and baked to create foam. There are different types of latex options available but 100 % Natural latex is way superior to synthetic latex. It does not contain harmful chemicals and keeps you free from health hazards which are typically associated with a memory foam mattress.

Nowadays, Natural latex mattress is gaining immense popularity because of their natural origin. These mattresses are eco-friendly and offer various benefits. Natural latex mattresses are well known for their durability, buoyant support and excellent colling properties. They are suitable for all types of sleepers: back, side and stomach sleepers. A natural latex mattress is also hypoallergenic in nature and a suitable option for allergy and asthma patients. 

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What is a pocket spring mattress?

Pocket spring mattresses are an improved and modified version of a traditional innerspring mattress. As the name suggests, they are made of spring coils that are individually wrapped or stitched to make a base of a mattress. As a top layer, these mattresses have any kind of foam (latex or memory foam). The spring base in pocket spring mattress provides good support while a foam layer makes them comfortable too. 

Pocket spring mattresses offer better functionality than the traditional innerspring mattress in many aspects. Because of individually wrapped springs, they offer good pressure relief. They also have better motion isolation than a traditional innerspring mattress. The quality and overall performance of pocket spring mattresses are highly dependent on the quality of the coil system used in the base. If manufacturers use a poor-quality coil system, then a pocket spring mattress will have poor functionality and less durability. 

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Pocket spring mattress Vs Natural latex mattress

Here is a quick comparison between these two mattresses that will help you in choosing which one will work best for you?

Manufacturing material

Natural latex is made up of single material solid natural latex and has no coils or springs in it. Natural latex may have one or more comfort layers as additional features but in general, natural latex mattresses are manufactured by using latex foam only. While pocket spring mattress has two layers. As a base, they have a pocket spring (individually wrapped coils) and at the top, they have a foam layer, either memory foam or latex. 


A natural latex mattress is highly responsive and offers a natural bounce while sleeping. These mattresses are medium firm and are overall comfortable. A natural latex mattress allows you to sleep more on the mattress surface and does not cause any sink-in feeling. A pocket spring mattress gives a bouncy feeling due to the coil layer at the base and also feels plushy due to the upper foam layer. 


A natural latex mattress offers a firmer surface to sleep on than a pocket spring mattress. This feature of a natural latex mattress could be beneficial for those who are advised to sleep on firmer surfaces due to any existing medical conditions. 


Natural Latex provides buoyant support to your spine. It helps in keeping your spine in a neutral position and allows you to rest better at night. The natural latex mattress is a recommended mattress option for those who suffer from back pain. Latex conforms to your body and also offers pressure-relieving benefits. 

Pocket spring mattresses are well known for offering targeted support to different body parts.  They also offer a good balance of support and comfort; however, it is depended upon the quality of the coil system. Some pocket spring mattresses offer great functionality, while some others do not offer the needed support and comfort. 


Natural latex offers good breathability due to its open cell structure. It improves oxygenation and absorbs moisture efficiently. A pocket spring mattress also has efficient breathability and permits excellent airflow.


A natural latex mattress is heavier than a pocket spring mattress and may cause inconvenience while moving or shifting. A pocket spring mattress is lighter in weight and can be moved easily without any discomfort. 

Resistance to dust-mite and allergens

Natural latex offers good resistance to dust-mite and allergens. There are no added chemicals in natural latex and they are a better option than pocket spring mattresses in this aspect. Pocket spring mattresses may contain added chemicals in the top layer and may cause harmful effects on your health.

Cooling properties (temperature regulation)

Both latex and pocket spring mattresses have good temperature regulation and efficient body cooling properties. They allow you to sleep cool even during hot summer weather and are perfect for those who live in a warm environment.

Motion isolation

Natural latex absorbs movement quite well and offers satisfactory motion isolation. You can select a natural latex mattress if you have to share a bed with a restless partner. A pocket spring mattress offers better motion isolation as compared to a traditional innerspring mattress however as compared to natural latex they fall short by a small margin.

Use of flame retardants

Flame retardants are chemicals applied to a mattress to slow or prevent fire. Many of these flame retardants put a serious impact on our health and may cause endocrinal and neurological dysfunction. Natural latex mattress has inherent flame retardant properties, while pocket spring mattress may contain flame retardants that are not a safe option for humans and the environment both. 

Safe for environment 

Natural latex is definitely an eco-friendly option than a pocket spring mattress. Natural latex mattress is made up of natural material (the sap of rubber tree), while pocket spring mattress is made up of metal coils that is not an eco-friendly material option. 


Many pocket spring mattresses have a tendency to react to movement and may make sounds or noises that will disturb your sleep. While a natural latex mattress does not make any noise and allows you to sleep better at night.


A pocket spring mattress offers more customized support than a natural latex mattress. Pocket spring mattress has five separate support zone that provide an individual level of support to different body parts. Pocket spring tension can be customized as per your body weight and sleeping position, while a natural latex mattress offers consistent firm support all over the body. 


A pocket spring mattress is one of the most popular mattress options. They are available more easily than a natural latex mattress. Also, there are a lot of options for you to choose from. You can select different density pocket spring mattresses as per your individual preference. 


A natural latex mattress offers great durability and extended longevity. They retain their original shape for years and have an average life span of 10-20 years, while a pocket spring mattress may be prone to premature sagging and may not last long. The durability of pocket spring mattresses relies on the type of coils that have been used while manufacturing. 


A natural latex mattress is expensive and costs more than a pocket spring mattress. In general, a pocket spring mattress is less expensive however some models may be expensive if they used high-end quality material for manufacturing.  Also when affordability is considered in tandem with durability, both mattresses might be equally affordable as latex mattress tends to be a one time investment while pocket spring mattress needs to be changed every 5-7 years.


In conclusion, natural latex mattress and pocket spring mattress have their own set of benefits and limitations. A pocket spring mattress should be your choice of mattress if you prefer a bouncy feeling while natural latex mattress is best for those who like a firmer and supportive surface to sleep on.

Moreover, you can select a latex mattress if you are looking for a durable, eco-friendly and hypoallergenic mattress option. A natural latex mattress might be more expensive than a pocket spring mattress but it is worth spending the extra money to get the amazing benefits that a natural latex mattress offers.  So make your choice based on your preference and enjoy comfortable and relaxing sleep everyday.