How to get Luxurious Hotel Mattress feel at Home

How to get Luxurious Hotel Mattress feel at Home

Hotel beds are well-known for providing a luxurious and peaceful sleeping experience. If you have ever stayed in a five-star hotel, you know the comfort and luxury that a hotel bed offers. 

The hotel management team puts a great amount of effort into making their beds extra comfortable. They pay attention to multiple factors like mattress quality, pillows and room ambience to create a perfect sleeping atmosphere for their guests. Hotel beds often use specially designed mattresses that have many impressive features. 

Hotel mattresses are also extremely supportive and offer a perfect balance of comfort and support to your body. These mattresses work great in providing pressure relief and help in relieving muscular tension too.

Moreover, hotel beds are made of several layers including sheets, duvets etc. Layering not only helps with easy cleaning of bed essentials but makes the entire bedroom visually appealing as well. 

Why do hotel mattresses feel luxurious? And how to get one for yourself at your home? Read the post to know more!

Why do hotel mattresses feel luxurious and super comfortable?


Hotels use high-quality mattresses for their beds

As a first step, hotel management uses high-quality, luxurious mattresses for their beds. Hotels may use memory foam, natural latex or innerspring mattresses for their customers, as per their hotel policy. However, they make sure that mattresses are made of high-quality materials and provide good support and pressure relief. It is also important that the mattress offer good motion isolation and maintain optimum temperature regulation for a comfortable sleeping experience. 

Hotels usually use medium-firm mattresses for their beds. Medium firm mattresses suit most sleeping styles and provide good support to your body. 

Nowadays, many hotels use 100% organic natural latex mattresses like pincore mattress for their hotel beds. Natural latex mattresses offer various amazing health benefits. They provide good body support and effective temperature regulation. The best part is that they are great for the environment too. Considering these benefits, not just hotels, but natural latex mattresses are being adopted by celebrities across the world as well to get a healthy and restorative sleep. 

Hotels use a good-quality mattress protector for extra cushioning and protection 

As the next important pointer, hotel beds use good quality mattress protectors for their beds. Mattress protector serves many important functions. They not only help in protecting mattresses against accidental spills and stains, but they also work great in improving your sleep experience. Mattress protectors add an extra layer of cushioning and enhance your comfort while sleeping. 

Hotel beds use premium white bedsheets for enhancing the bedroom look and improve sleep quality

As per the National sleep foundation survey, 86% of people reported that comfortable sheets and bed essentials are important elements for getting a good night’s sleep. While 73% of people said that comfortable sheets and bed essentials play a vital role in creating a romantic environment in the bedroom. 

Considering these factors, hotel management uses high-quality, premium white sheets for their beds. Additionally, they make sure their bedsheets are made up of high-quality materials like Egyptian cotton and have more than 300 thread counts for proper softness. For giving a clean, tidy and crisp look, hotels use the “Hosptial corners method” for making beds and tucking the bedsheets. 

Special attention is given to the cleaning of furnishings as hotel management uses high-quality fabric softener and detergent for cleaning the sheets which results in nice-smelling bed sheets. A pleasant smell improves your mood and allows you to sleep more peacefully. 

Piles of pillows add extra comfort and warmth

When we are talking about hotel beds, how can we forget to mention the importance of adding multiple pillows to beds? Most hotels use multiple pillows (more than 4) for their beds. They use varied firmness pillows (mostly two firm and two soft down pillows) for their guests. You can use any pillow as per your individual sleeping requirement. Piles of pillows not only make hotel beds extra comfortable, but they keep your head and neck well-supported while sleeping. 

They put extra attention on creating the perfect sleeping ambience

Along with the above-mentioned factors, hotel management puts extra efforts to create a perfect sleeping ambience. They use appropriate color and aesthetics, lighting and room decor that help in creating a peaceful sleeping ambience.

How to create a hotel-like sleeping experience at your home?

Here are some tips that will help you create a hotel-like sleeping experience at home. 

Invest in a good quality mattress

Buying a new mattress might sound like an expensive investment. However, on the practical side, it is the most crucial aspect of getting a good night’s sleep. Sleeping on a saggy or old mattress does not provide proper support and leaves you vulnerable to various aches and pains. If you are looking to improve your sleep quality or want to recreate a hotel-like sleeping experience, then invest in a good-quality medium firm mattress. A good quality mattress maintains a neutral spinal alignment and keeps your body well-supported. 

Purchase good quality mattress protector

Next to good quality mattresses, you should also buy the right mattress protector to protect your mattress. You can buy a luxurious plush mattress protector for creating a hotel-style sleeping experience in your bedroom. If you have a tight budget and are not in a situation to buy a new mattress, then a good quality mattress protector can help a lot in upgrading your existing mattress experience. 

Add high-quality bed sheets and pillows to your bed essentials

As mentioned earlier, high-quality, premium bed sheets and pillows are an integral part of hotel beds. If you want to recreate a similar experience in your bedroom, then you should invest in high-quality bed sheets and pillows. Premium quality bed essentials not only look pretty but offer a restful sleeping experience too.  Pillows that support your neck will ensure you wake up positive and do not suffer from neck and back pain.

Keep bedroom clutter free and maintain a good level of hygiene

Finally, it is important to keep your bedroom neat, tidy and clutter-free. These small things make a major difference and help in replicating the hotel style sleeping experience. 

So, these are easy tips to recreate a hotel-style sleeping experience at home.