Luxury Latex Mattress for Celebrities

Why natural latex mattresses are being adopted by celebrities world-over

Aside from being a luxury mattress, a natural latex mattress also has a number of benefits. It’s for this reason that a number of international celebrities have made the switch from common mattresses to natural latex mattresses. You already know that there is merit in natural latex mattresses when you hear that Serena Williams or Oprah Winfrey is involved.

What is a natural latex mattress?

For starters, a natural latex mattress is made from natural latex that is derived from the sap of a rubber tree. Latex derived in this way possesses natural elasticity and is biodegradable. het

Natural latex mattresses are extremely luxurious and can offer the sleeper restorative sleep required to stay healthy. A good mattress can make all the difference, and celebrities are investing in luxury mattresses made of 100% natural latex to realize this ideal. Natural latex mattress with pincore technology makes the mattress not just luxurious but extremely comfortable with a natural bounce.

Why Pincore Technology is revolutionary

Pincore technology is used to create a mattress using 100% natural latex, and which has the following essential elements needed for a long and restful sleep:

  • Medium compression for the perfect amount of cushioning
  • Superior support for the back
  • Zero-motion transfer
  • Constant airflow to ensure a cooling feel
  • Luxurious upholstery to match the comfort

Pincore technology put to use the 100-year-old practice of natural latex extraction to meet the modern-day needs of mattress-users. This technology has been carefully developed keeping in mind the many different kinds of sleepers, and this is what makes mattresses created with this technology truly luxurious.

Pincore technology was also developed with the objective to resolve the various problems that arise while using other kinds of mattresses so that customers don’t have to compromise on any of their wants or needs. Pincore technology involves multiple pin size holes in the mattress that provides the extra bounce and constant air flow to ensure the mattress is cool and has a luxurious feel to it.

Full Bodied Natural Latex mattress

100% natural latex is pretty expensive considering the process required to create them, hence many brands combine natural latex foam with reflexive or spring foam to form a high-comfort mattress that’s affordable.

A full-bodied 100% natural latex mattress is a mattress that is completely made of natural latex. There are no layers of reflective or spring foam mattress. These are the ultimate luxury as they offer complete support and luxurious sleep. Such mattresses are highly durable, eco-friendly and customizable as well.

Benefits of full-bodied natural latex mattress

Natural latex mattresses are luxury mattresses, but celebrities are opting for these not just because they’re labelled luxurious, but because of what makes them so luxurious. A number of these features are part of the Pincore mattress from MM Foam to develop these mattresses. Some of these features include:

  1. Breathable and light

Natural latex mattresses are breathable and light. Its open cell structure and manual pin holes ensure air flow and keep the mattress fresh. Further, the breathability of these mattresses  makes them perfect for summers and tropical heat as the mattress does not trap excessive body heat.

  1. The Definition of Comfort

Natural latex mattresses can conform to one’s body shape but still remain firm, which is a must for preventing back pain. Natural latex mattresses support all sleeping positions since they can adapt to the curvature of one’s body. These mattresses make sure that no undue pressure is applied on joints or injuries, and that the spine does not bend awkwardly while sleeping.

Furthermore, unlike ordinary mattresses, natural latex mattresses don’t get flattened and their natural springiness makes them great for continuing spine and lumbar support. They don’t become saggy and slanted from one end due to repeated use like some foam mattresses. There is no chance of the mattress losing its bounciness, unlike spring mattresses, which become unusable if the springs break.

  1. Dust, mold, and germ-resistant

Natural latex foam does not allow the growth of mold or encourage the entrapment of dust particles due to its unique chemical structure. Natural latex is also germ resistant, and this solves an age-old problem: bed bugs.

  1. No off-gassing

Off-gassing is the release of chemicals into the air in vapor form which could be toxic when inhaled. There is zero off-gassing when it comes to natural latex mattresses, since no harmful chemicals are involved in the making process.

  1. Hypo-allergenic

Natural latex mattresses are hypoallergenic since there are no additives and chemicals, nor is the material derived from petrochemicals. Additionally, since these mattresses don’t trap dust and bugs, there is no scope left for the mattresses to cause an allergic reaction. This makes these mattresses essential for those with a lower or budding immunity, such as the elderly or children, or people who are prone to allergies.

  1. Eco-friendly

Natural latex mattresses are made from rubber sap which is extracted without cutting the entire tree. In fact, a tree may be used to extract rubber sab for up to three decades. This makes natural latex mattresses extremely eco-friendly as the process doesn’t contribute to deforestation. Rubber plants are also known to release more oxygen as compared to other plants.

Furthermore, natural latex mattresses are extremely durable, with a life of 15-17 years. This is because natural rubber is resistant to the many problems that arise in other mattresses: sagginess, mold, germs, etc. Although the upfront cost is higher than other mattresses, their durability makes natural latex mattresses a great long-term investment and, in actuality, is much more cost-effective. Investing in latex mattresses would cut down on repeated spending on mattresses every 5 years and prevent unnecessary waste as well. Further, they are biodegradable and, therefore, will return to nature once they are no longer usable.

  1. Easy to share

If you’re looking for a mattress that can absorb movement, natural latex mattresses are your surest bet. This is because these mattresses are motion isolated, so if you or your partner were to twist and turn while sleeping, the other would not have a clue. Whether you’re a light sleeper or someone who is worried they’ll wake their partner while tossing or turning, sharing a bed just got way easier,

  1. Suitable for all kinds of sleepers

Natural latex mattresses are suitable for sleepers who remain in the same position for long periods during sleeping, and also for those who frequently toss and turn. The latex easily adapts to the spinal position in both cases. Latex mattresses are also suitable for both lightweight and heavyweight individuals because of its natural springiness and ability to return to its original shape. These mattresses offer a deep, restorative sleep necessary for a healthy lifestyle.

Why celebrities prefer natural latex mattresses?

The benefits of a natural latex mattress are endless, especially for a celebrity. For example, good posture is a must and a mattress that does not provide adequate back support has got to go. This is where the natural latex mattress comes in, which retains its shape for a long time, and makes sure that the sleeper’s spine is rested yet aligned.

Many people, especially celebrities, are also becoming conscious of chemical use in their mattresses and are making the switch to products made with natural components. Excessive use of chemicals as well as dusty or moldy mattresses can be harmful for the skin and lungs, and cause break-outs and rashes. Naturally, celebrities looking to avoid such a situation would invest in dust-free, germ-resistant, hypoallergenic natural latex mattresses which are resistant to the same. Also, with growing temperatures, it makes sense to invest in a mattress that will prevent overheating.

A number of celebrities are also opting for natural latex mattresses in order to reduce their carbon footprint. It’s no secret that there is a massive mattress landfill crisis, and only 19% of mattresses are recycled for reuse. Natural latex mattresses are biodegradable and their durability cuts down waste generated per household by several kilos.

Many celebrities are aware of the effects of good sleep on health and beauty. It’s why they’re investing in a mattress that can fulfill that need. Thus, natural latex mattresses allow the celebrities to truly get their beauty sleep, as the saying goes.

With the many benefits natural latex mattresses have, it’s no wonder celebrities are choosing natural latex mattresses over the regular kind. Natural latex mattresses are also gaining popularity in modern Indian households due to their long life-span and luxurious comfort.

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