FAQ - Mattress Protector

What is a mattress protector?
A Mattress Protector is made up of cotton fabric fused with PU laminate which protects your mattress from spillage - increasing its longevity.

Who should be using a mattress protector?
Everyone should use a mattress protector to prevent any kind of liquid or moisture from seeping inside. It increases durability and keeps your mattress neat and tidy.

How is the mattress protector used?
Just keep it spread above your mattress, under the bedsheet. If there's any spillage, take the protector off, dry it outside and put it back on. It can also be machine washed.

Up to what thickness of a mattress can the mattress protector stretch?
With its super stretchable side wall, the mattress protector can be used on mattresses upto 12 inches in thickness.