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Combo Offer: Spineline Orthopedic Mattress + Mattress Protector + Free Latex Pillows

Spineline Mattress : Enjoy a relaxing night with a mattress that supports your back and keeps your spine aligned. This firm mattress provides relief from pain on pressure points and enhances blood circulation, providing you with healthy and rejuvenating sleep.


Mattress Protector: Increase the life of your mattress and your sleep hygiene by using our waterproof cover. The soft terry-cotton makes sure the comfy feeling of your mattress isn't affected and its TPU laminated bottom prevents any fluids or moisture from seeping into your mattress.


Neckare Pillow: A slim, 100% Organic Natural Latex pillow with 'C' Curve Design on both edges contour to the natural curve of your head and neck for a snug fit. The flat tops act as anti-slip surfaces. The Neckare pillow works well for those who prefer a low height pillow offering un-compromised neck support and pressure distribution - a problem often associated with thin pillows.

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Rs. 23,356
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Rs. 35,900
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Rs. 23,356
Hypoallergenic, antibacterial & dust-mite resistant
Does not emit toxic gases
Skin-friendly aloe vera cloth cover

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Mattress Protector

Increase the life of your mattress and your sleep hygiene by using our waterproof cover.

Snuggle Pillow

Keeps your spine and neck aligned due to its resilient latex material and extra height design.

Coccyx Cushion

Essential Work-From-Home accessory for maintaining good posture during prolonged hours of sitting.