FAQ - Spineline Mattress

What is the Spineline mattress made of?
The Spineline is made of 100% natural latex with Inner core technology for better air circulation within the mattress and a smooth top surface on both sides.

What is the warranty period for the Spineline mattress?
The Spineline mattress comes with a 10 years warranty. ( 1 year replacement warranty against manufacturing defect and 9 years pro-rata warranty )

Does this come with the base shown in the picture?
No, it does not include the base. We recommend you purchase a base that has a flat surface. Suggested height of the base + Mattress thickness should be about 21 inches from the floor.

What are Inner cores?
Inner cores are cavities of size 25/20mm, that are tapered inside the mattress to provides air circulation within the mattress.

Is this mattress available at the retail stores?
No, Spineline is available only on our online store. 

Is it possible to get this mattress in custom sizes?
Yes, customization is possible. Please write to us customercare@mmfoam.in with your contact number and we will get in touch with you.