Full-Bodied Latex Mattresses

What is a full-bodied natural latex mattress?

A full-bodied natural latex mattress is entirely made up of natural latex of a specific density. It has no layers except for the quilt and some mattress companies offer a topper option for that additional sinking feel.

Latex is poured into a mould, and these moulds range from ¾ inch, 1 inch, 4 inches, 6 inches, and even 8 inches. If you are under 90kg you need a MINIMUM 4 inch full-bodied natural latex mattress. If you are a plus size, best to get in touch with the experts at the mattress manufacturing company to customize the mattress based on your weight - usually a 6 or 8 inch full-bodied natural latex mattress should suffice but check with the experts.

Most manufacturing companies fuse two or more layers of natural latex of different thicknesses in order to obtain the customer’s desired mattress total thickness. 



Pincore Mattress

Premium latex mattress for medium compression, superior support, zero-motion transfer and a cooling feel. Suits everyone.

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Ecorest Mattress

Economical latex mattress that offers medium-soft compression and low-motion transfer. Ideal for side sleepers.

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